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Sales Policy

If you clicked the “For Sale” link and arrived here - it is because we want to insure there are no misunderstandings. So there is a link if you scroll to the bottom that you can click to see pictures of rabbits that are available. By clicking that link - you agree to this sales policy, regardless of whether you read it or not. With life’s ever changing ways - we took some time to establish some sales policies. We hope this makes finding a bunny to love or a breeder to add to your bloodlines very clear. There is a link at the bottom that leads to pictures of rabbits that we have for sale. If you click that link - you are agreeing that you have read and completely understand this sales policy. GENERAL - $$$ Rabbit sales are first come, first serve without deposits. We will not hold rabbits without a non-refundable deposit. You can send $35 via PayPal to hold a rabbit. ($5 fee applies to cover the expense of the PayPal fee that we are charged by PayPal) If you need help learning how to send the deposit - send us a message and ask for the information and we will be happy to help you get a deposit set up. Deposits will hold the rabbits for 7 days. Full Payment will hold the rabbit for 14 days. If the rabbit has not been picked up within 7 days or paid in full and picked up within 14 days, then all deposits or payment is forfeited and the rabbit will be made available to others. Deposits or payments will not be refunded: the funds will go to the care, feeding and housing of the rabbit that was not picked up for the additional amount of time, as well as the time that follows while the rabbit finds a new home. If you made pick up arrangements and did not follow through and have failed to communicate your intentions for another pick up opportunity, then your deposit or payment will be forfeited and we reserve the right to relist the rabbit as available as soon as 24-48 hours of original pick up date/time. We understand life happens. People become ill, cars get damaged, etc. but communication and following through are key in this area. Cage space is limited. We have spent countless hours answering questions, taking more pictures and holding a rabbit without a deposit while the person changes their mind and doesn’t even communicate that change to us, while another person was inquiring about the same rabbit. CASH upon pick up is required. We do NOT accept personal checks. Please try to have the correct amount, as we do not always have change available. Our sole goal for raising Netherland Dwarfs is to raise show quality rabbits and to improve our own herd, our rabbitry has first pick of all rabbits. We reserve the right to terminate a sale at any time for any reason. If you have given a deposit and the decision to terminate the sale was at our sole discretion - we will return your deposit. If the termination is due to your failure to communicate in a timely manner or pick up said rabbit in a timely manner, then you forfeit said deposit and/or payment. We will not sell any rabbits that are under the age of 8 weeks old. This is a requirement of PA state law. It is in the best interest of the rabbit to stay with it’s mother as long as possible. Because of the nature of showing, almost all of our rabbits that leave our rabbitry are at least 10 weeks old and many are 12 weeks or older. We have found this to be beneficial especially to those looking to purchase pets, as the rabbit has been handled more and has stayed long enough for us to determine that they are healthy enough to be on their own. This sales policy is subject to change at any time, for any reason. Click here in agreement to sales policy above to view available bunnies PET POLICIES CLICK THE LINK FOR FULL PET SALES POLICY BREEDING/SHOW POLICIES - CLICK LINK FOR FULL BREEDING/SHOW POLICIES

explanation of “broken”

(whenever you see “Broken” listed in front of the color - it is simply the term used for the variety or color of a rabbit that is spotted. So, if you have a rabbit that is white and then has black or any of the other dozens of varieties of colors available in that breed - it is called a broken. So if it is white and has black spots - it is a Broken Black for the purpose of the pedigree, breeding etc. When you show it - it is show in the “All Other Varieties” group with the Brokens - they don’t show every color variation seperately. Sports/Vienna Marked will also have white on them - but they are not showable as brokens. The usually don’t have spots - but they might - but they are usually marked like a dutch bunny and may have blue eyes!
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We will not HOLD rabbits without a non-refundable deposit. You can send half the price of the rabbit via PayPal - just message and ask for the info on how to do that. We have had too many times where we spend time answering questions, taking more pictures and holding a rabbit to have someone change their mind. Rabbit sales are first come, first serve without deposits. Deposits will hold the rabbit for 7 days, full payment will hold the rabbit for 14 days.
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