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York Haven, Pennsylvania

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Here’s all the if’s, and’s and but’s!!!

With the recent outbreak of RHD in New York and Louisville, Kentucky, at this time - we are reserving the right to refuse to board any rabbit for any reason. We need to protect the rabbits who are housed on our property. Vacation Time!!! We provide a bunny boarding service for rabbits who need to be 'bunnysat' while their parents go on vacation. You will sign a contract when we board your rabbit and there is a link below to the PDF of that contract. Pricing and Services Offered: Cypress Hill Rabbitry charges as follows: One week (7 days).………….….…….$70 Weekend (Fri-Sun)…………….……...$35 One night (24 hours).…………………$15 Pricing includes the following: 1. Boarding in our rabbitry will consist of being in a clean, organized, rabbit- friendly environment. If your bunny is accustomed to being in your home, we will house him/her in our garage. This is a quiet environment where there are only a couple other bunnies. 2. We ask you to bring your supplies that your bunny is used to, such as: his/her cage, fresh Timothy hay, food (pellets), fresh bedding and bowls for food and water. It will help if your bunny has all of his familiar items while you are away to keep stress to a minimum. 3. If your rabbit is litter-trained - then we ask that you bring his/her litter box and the materials needed to clean it. Everyone uses something different. You can also bring any special treats you provide for your bunny. 4. Each cage is cleaned daily including cleaning of litter boxes, fresh bedding, fresh timothy hay, and fresh food and water, and any treats you provided. 5. Daily attention and supervision to assess health and normalcy of your rabbit(s). We will check for any changes in behavior, routine, eating, output, or signs of distress. 6. We will check all rabbits brought for boarding for visible signs of health distress. If we see anything, especially that may be contagious (ie. runny nose, sore eyes, fleas) we reserve the right to refuse boarding an unhealthy boarder. Bunny Boarding Contract Our address is York Haven, PA 17370 - but we are only a couple miles off the Strinestown exit if you are coming from the southern end of York and going north on 83. We are also only 15 miles and or 20 minutes south of Harrisburg. If you are coming south from I83 - you can get off at the Newberrytown exit.


Our property is also under constant video surveillance and trespassing at times you have not pre-arranged an appointment to be on our property will be prosecuted, as will theft and vandalism, along with your picture being provided to police to aid in prosecution. Now that all sounds very scary - we have had issues in the past - and this is the reason for this stern post. If you have an appointment and arrangements made with us to come look or buy a rabbit - as long as you keep the communication lines open - we are very helpful and welcoming.
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York Haven, PA