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York Haven, Pennsylvania

Phone: 717-578-3408 Text: 717-578-3408 e-mail: Cypress Hill Rabbitry www.inchbunny.com

Here’s all the if’s, and’s and but’s!!!

Please specify when you reply what your interest is in a bunny - a pet, a breeder, show stock. Please be aware that rabbits listed as pets will not include a pedigree, as it saves me paperwork, especially if the price is $35 and less. So if you really want a breeder or show stock - please be honest. Our bunnies are handled daily due to our family showing - so they are well tempered and friendly. Our prices are also set for if you come here to pick the rabbit up - - please don't ask me to meet you halfway or to deliver the rabbit. It stresses the rabbits out to travel in general, especially in the heat and I will not take 4-5 rabbits out for you to pick one. It is best if you come pick them up here from the coolness and comfort of the barn and travel with the one you want. Please don’t send someone else to pick up your rabbit. The rabbit is healthy when it leaves our barn and we expect the person who is planning to own and care for the rabbit to come see and be comfortable with the health and condition of the rabbit at the time of pick up. Please come prepared with a carrier (a rabbit carrier or a cat carrier) when you come to pick up your rabbits. We do not always have boxes available. We also are not fans of putting rabbits in boxes to travel. With the recent outbreak of RHD in Western Pennsylvania, Our barn is closed. You may be asked to step into a foot bath and to wash or sanitze your hands before seeing or handling any available rabbits. Please wear shoes that can get wet. Please keep in mind that conditions at your property can stress a rabbit out that comes from a fairly calm and quiet property. In other words, if you have your rabbit housed where predators can easily harass or attempt to kill your rabbit. It is also not wise to allow your rabbit to run with your dog or cat unsupervised. Rabbits also like to chew, so be aware of this when housing your rabbit indoors. Rabbits also are not fond of mice, rats, snakes or lizards (bearded dragons). They also do not do well with swine in the same building. Pigs, snakes and rats are predators to them and will stress them out and can cause a various assortment of ailments. Our address is York Haven, PA 17370 - but we are only a couple miles off the Strinestown exit if you are going north on 83. We are also only 15 miles and or 20 minutes from Harrisburg. If you are coming south from more north - you can get off at the Newberrytown exit.


Our property is also under constant video surveillance and trespassing at times you have not pre-arranged an appointment to be on our property will be prosecuted, as will theft and vandalism, along with your picture being provided to police to aid in prosecution. Now that all sounds very scary - we have had issues in the past - and this is the reason for this stern post. If you have an appointment and arrangements made with us to come look or buy a rabbit - as long as you keep the communication lines open - we are very helpful and welcoming.
© Copyright 2012-2018. inchbunny ,com Inch’s Peach Tree Rabbitry/Inch’s Cypress Hill Rabbitry. All Rights Reserved.