Wish us luck!

We are going with really, no expectations. Using this to get our feet wet, as a learning experience!

It has been a rough year in our barn. We said goodbye to some very loved herd bucks that had been with us for a very long time and sired many nice dwarf bunnies. So we are kind of having a rebuilding year, adding some new herd bucks, we look forward to what they sire for us in the near future.

This is our first ARBA convention ever, since Covid cancelled our 2020, which would have been a very local ARBA convention for us!

We have a wonderful friend staying with us in Louisville and my awesome husband and son are staying home to hold down the fort and take care of our other animals.

If I get a chance to write anything while we are there – I will and will share it here.

So Kentucky bound we are…


Homeschool mom for 20+ years, Rabbit Show Mom for 16+ years, lover of Jesus Christ, and So MUCH more!!

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