Well, looks like we will get a break from winter today and tomorrow. Even a teeny, tiny break from chipping ice will be well appreciated around here. I’m sure the bunnies will very much enjoy a little more warmth as well. Plus the bonus is that their bottles didn’t freeze at all overnight, so they had a drink whenever they wanted it. They didn’t have to wait for us to come switch out bottles and break ice and refill with warm water.

The only downside is MUD! It is just a tad muddy out there now. I am going to “try” not to complain about it though. It was a welcome break this morning to be able to top off the water for the horse and to top off water on bottles and bowls!

New posts coming soon…

We have some babies who have arrived in our garage. And some projects that I am going to start posting about more regularly. Two years ago when I was doing my johndeer-green blog more regularly I did several posts titled, “Watch a Bunny Grow”. I usually try to use a Vienna Mark out of her blue-eyed white program because it is interesting to see their markings as they grow. Luckily one of our bunnies that was born over the weekend was a Vienna Mark, so I will start making the posts on another “Watch a Bunny Grow” project. I may try to recover the old posts so you can see the previous one.

This is the little guy or gal – obviously a couple of days old already as you can see by the amount of fur already – but when we start posting the actual “Watch a Bunny Grow” posts, I will try to add some newer pics or video of him/her.

When I asked my daughter if she had any pics of shortly after birth and told her I was going to do another “Watch a Bunny Grow” post series – she mentioned that she has seen a lot of people post kits and ask what color is this and so she also wants to do a Chestnut to show how much their color changes from birth to junior, so that will be something we will share in the next few months, so watch for that.

If you are getting a break from winter like we are – make sure you get out there and enjoy some sunshine – soak in the Vitamin D. They are calling for rain here tomorrow – warm, but rain! More MUD – NO, NO!


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