Adams County Youth Show

Adams County 4H Rabbit Club held a Spring show on April 23rd, 2022. The Adams County Youth show club is run by a very nice group of friendly ladies and gents and is organized and well run.

This show was a nice show with a great turnout and as my daughter described it – very chill and relaxed. There were many people there that we already knew, as well as meeting new people, even some from Virginia and West Virginia!

But….it’s Turkey Season….gobble, gobble…

For us – in PA – This day was the opening day of Youth Turkey season. So our daughter decided she wanted to head to the woods to see if she could get a shot at an elusive bird!

So Mom fed the horse and loaded the rabbits in the morning for the rabbit show because she was already in the woods with her Dad and brother. And off to Adams County I trecked.

Many shows start at 9 AM with this one being no exception. It is getting closer and closer to 9 AM and I am in the land of no cell phone service at South Mountain Fairgrounds! I’m pacing a bit at this point. A friend asks, “where’s your daughter?”, and I explain, “turkey season”. She says, “no problem, our son can help get her rabbits on the table if she doesn’t make it right away!”

And this is one of the things we like about rabbit shows. Rabbit shows are just like anything else – it is competitive and there will always be a sour apple, but there are also many sweet apples who are willing to help.

Luckily Dwarfs were about 4th or 5th on the showing list and there were at least 2 breeds before it that usually have considerable numbers, so this bought her a little time for turkey season.

The turkeys were elusive as that is the kind of creatures they are. They came in, but just not in a way that allowed her to have a good shot. So she will try again another day!

They arrived asking if I got their message – yeah – nope! I have no service!

Show face on…

She brought out her second string and some of the retired from 2021 show animals to allow her current string to stay home in preparation for Dwarf Nationals next weekend.

Like she described, close to home, chill, relaxed showing with friends. She did well and she won one of the ever-coveted stools! Thanks to the Adams County Youth Show 4H for beautiful awards!

Her Himi buck, Apache took Best of Breed in both shows. And her Sable doe took Best Opposite of Breed in Show A. Her Otter Doe won Best Opposite of Breed in Show B.

Apache went on to win Best in Show for show A. Her friend won Best Reserve in Show in both shows with her Mini Lop.

Adams County Youth Show
Inch’s Apache, Best in Show, Judge Peter Velcheck

It was a good day, exhausting, but good. Home to get the bunnies settled in. Then we headed to my son-in-laws for pizza – but we didn’t hang long before we took off and headed home! (snooze-time!)

If you would like to see our rabbit website you can go to

Go here to read a little bit about dwarf nationals. Check back next week as there will probably be something I’m sure to read about our experience.

To learn more about showing rabbits or find shows that are close to you go to

Have a wonderful rest of your week!


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