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explanation of “broken”

(whenever you see “Broken” listed in front of the color - it is simply the term used for the variety or color of a rabbit that is spotted. So, if you have a rabbit that is white and then has black or any of the other dozens of varieties of colors available in that breed - it is called a broken. So if it is white and has black spots - it is a Broken Black for the purpose of the pedigree, breeding etc. When you show it - it is show in the “All Other Varieties” group with the Brokens - they don’t show every color variation seperately. Sports/Vienna Marked will also have white on them - but they are not showable as brokens. The usually don’t have spots - but they might - but they are usually marked like a dutch bunny and may have blue eyes!
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We will not HOLD rabbits without a non-refundable deposit. You can send half the price of the rabbit via PayPal - just message and ask for the info on how to do that. We have had too many times where we spend time answering questions, taking more pictures and holding a rabbit to have someone change their mind. We also will not transport a rabbit anywhere without up front payment. Transporting costs extra fees which buyer will cover. This takes extra time and schedule changes for us as well as additional other costs that include gas and wear and tear on my vehicle. We are not a huge fan of transporting and at this time, we will not transport any rabbits from, through or to any state with a current RHVD outbreak in the past 90 days and we reserve the right to extend that time period or refuse transport for any reason. We do this to protect our own herd which has a lot of time, money, blood, sweat and tears invested in it. When you see prices on this site - that is the price for you coming to me to pick up. Rabbit sales are first come, first serve without deposits. Deposits will hold the rabbit for 7 days, full payment will hold the rabbit for 14 days, after this time, with no communication to express complications (24 hours) of expected pick up, you forfeit any deposit or payment, and that rabbit is made available again to other buyers. (We have literally had people contact us 3 months later and expect that we were still holding this rabbit.)

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